chiropractic coaching visualization

Chiropractic Coaching: Learning To Visualize

Visualization is EXTREMELY important to practice growth and your long term success. This is WHY almost every, single elite level athlete uses visualization to get the edge.  You should too. In this I share one of my favorite visualization techniques.

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chiropractic coaching

Chiropractic Coaching: What’s Your Relationship Like With Yourself?

Dr. Dawn Cadwallader shares the BEST way to have a relationship with yourself.

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chiropractic coaching strategies

Chiropractic Coaching: Do It – Delegate It- Dump It

Dr. Joe Hudak is one of our coaches at The Markson Connection. In this video he teaches one of the many we things we teach in our coaching program. Do It – Delegate It – Dump It

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chiropractic coaching tips

Chiropractic Coaching: Do Your CA’s Do This For You?

How does your team react when you’re not feeling up to par?  If you’ve built the right team, they’ll continue to soar, even when you feel like your wings of been clipped.  

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chiropractic coaching be do have

Chiropractic Coaching : BE – DO – HAVE with Dr. Dan Cox

Dr. Dan Cox is one of our coaches here at The Markson Connection. Dan is a seasoned veteran and has many gold nuggets to share in this video. We’ve ALL heard of Be, Do Have, but Dr. Cox has an interesting take on it. Let me know what your biggest take away from the video…

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chiropractic coaching all in

Chiropractic Coaching: Are You All In?

Click Here To Learn More About Our ALL IN Seminar This is your chance to get that competitive advantage that you simply can’t afford to ignore. Be inspired, learn extraordinary practice growth strategies,  learn to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your family, discover the power of THE TRIBE, make new connections and reconnect with peers!

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chiropractic coaching dream life

Chiropractic Coaching: Living The DREAM Life

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Chiropractic Coaching: Are You As Prepared As A Golfer or A Fisherman?

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why chiropractic

Why Did You Become a Chiropractor?

Rick and I both travel frequently for The Markson Connection. So many things can go wrong when it comes to travel, but you have to focus on the positives, and remember why you are doing it in the first place. The same goes for Chiropractic. You have to consistently remind yourself why you became a…

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chiropractic marketing

Chiropractic Marketing: How To Plan For Better Marketing Campaigns

If you want to see better results from your marketing, planning is the first step! I can’t think of a single, million dollar practice that does not have its marketing calendar planned out well in advance. In this video, I give you some tips for better planning! Enjoy! Brett If you found some value in…

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